On-demand platform

Monetize private offices by the hour, day or more.

COVID is changing the way we work, allow anyone to book private offices on-demand instantly from your website.

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Instant bookings

Allow people to book for a day, a week, or more.

Companies are moving towards a hybrid dynamic of working from home and the office. That’s where our on-demand platform can help you add another source of revenue by allowing people to book offices from your website without human intervention.

On-demand offices

Seamless booking experience.

Allow users to book private offices on-demand in a matter of a few clicks. No more emailing back and forth just to get an office reserved. Automate the entire booking process without having any human intervention.

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Safe and secure payment transactions.

You are in good hands. Our booking process is powered by Stripe, one of the world’s most trusted payment processing platforms.

Worksimply Pro On Demand Pricing

Transparent pricing.
Clear value.
No risk involved.

Starting at


Per month or 10% commission fee
for transactions over $1,000


  • Users will be able to book private offices for one day or more. Users will select their start date and end date and we will show them private offices that match their criteria.

  • The platform will be living in a subdomain of your choice such as book.yourspace.com. The platform would be accessible through menu items or calls to action from your main website. If you want a native integration with your website please send us an email at hello@worksimply.com and we'll reach out to you to discuss next steps.

  • Yes, the design of your on-demand platform would be very similar to the one at Worksimply.com. The white-labelling cost is $0 and we'll take on the cost of doing this. As part of white-labelling, we would be adding your logo, fonts and colours, however, we would not change the styles of the results and the profile page (Templated format). We just ask customers to agree to a pilot program of at least 6-months.

  • The service starts at $100/month for transactions of up to $1,000/month **or** 10% commission if transactions are higher than $1,000/month.

    In other words:

    • If you transact anywhere between $0-$1000/month your total monthly cost would be $100.
    • If you transact $2,000/month, your total monthly cost would be $200.
    • If you transact $3,000/month, your total monthly cost would be $300.
    • If you transact $4,000/month, your total monthly cost would be $400.
    • So on and so forth.
  • Worksimply would handle payments and we use Stripe for the payment gateway.

  • Stripe charges 2.9% + $.30 per transaction so we would transfer you:

    Total money transferred to you = (transacted payments) - (2.9% credit card fees) - ($.30 x number of bookings) - Monthly fee.

  • It would take up to 14 days for Stripe to transfer the funds to you after each booking.

COVID is changing the way people work.
Give teams the flexibility they need.

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