For hybrid companies

The hybrid workplace platform that reduces office space costs and increases employees’ freedom.

Enable your staff to easily book a desk at your HQ or book on-demand workspaces across North America.

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One platform to manage your own space and have access to a network of on-demand workspace across North America.

Reduce office space overhead.

You probably don’t need as much office space as you thought you did. Worksimply is the first hybrid platform that helps remote-first companies optimize their own office space by allowing employees to book desks at HQs and have access to on-demand office space when needed.

Work out of HQs or the closest coworking space from home, your choice.

The future of work is not WFH, the main office, or the closest co-working space. It is all of the above. Flexibility around where to work is what the standard will become.

Access a network of on-demand office space across Canada.

Enable your staff to easily find and book desks, meeting rooms, private offices across more than 30 spaces across Toronto and surrounding areas.

  • Workplace One
  • IQ Offices
  • Venture X
  • WorkHaus

Encourage face-to-face collaboration.

Nothing beats face-to-face collaboration. Encourage your staff to meet up in person by allowing them to see who is working where and when.

Get employee insight with smart data.

See the type of workspace that your employees are booking. Visualize usage and staff satisfaction data to intelligently make strategic decisions about your workspace footprint.


  • Employees can book working desks, day/hourly offices, and meeting rooms.

  • Around 50 coworking locations across North America and more are added on a weekly basis.

  • $10/employee to access the platform. On-demand workspace bookings via credits are charged separately as pay-as-you-go.

  • Companies usually cap the amount of monthly credits employees have access to. For example, companies can decide to allocate 250 credits a month per employee. Please note that credits are only spent if employees book spaces.

  • 1 credit equals $1.

  • We have locations in Toronto, New York City, Boston, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Montreal, and many more.

  • Not a problem at all, we are more than happy to just provide you with access to the network of spaces.

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