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Seamlessly integrate Worksimply’s booking platform with your website. Turbo-charge the book a tour experience and increase revenues with on-demand office space offerings.

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END-to-end integration

The ultimate way to elevate the office booking experience

Your website is at the forefront of your business. Don't let a bad digital experience hinder your lead generation funnel.

conversion optimization

Turbo-charge the book a tour experience

Less friction and fewer clicks mean more sales. Potential members mainly have two questions: Do we fit? How much does it cost? With our dynamic flow, customers get to see only what's relevant to them. Cut out the noise and focus on what matters to them.

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inventory management

Manage inventory - Visually

Keep track of your space’s availability, layout, pricing in a clean and visual way.

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Tour scheduler

Eliminate the back and forth of tour scheduling

Help prospects schedule tours faster and forget the back-and-forth emails. Your calendar stays full, and you stay productive.

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prospect Analytics

Understand your prospect’s behaviour - in detail

Get detailed information about the most popular searched team sizes, tours booked, the number of on-demand bookings, and much more.

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ON-demand office space bookings

Seamless booking experience

Allow users to book private offices on-demand or purchase day passes in just a few clicks. No more contact forms, no phone calls, no account creation, just simple, and straightforward.

  • Day passes
  • Hourly offices
  • Day offices
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  • This depends on what you are using to run your co-working website. For example, if you use WordPress as your CMS then we would add our WordPress plugin to the website. If you are using any other CMS, we can directly add our JavaScript files to display the components where needed.

  • The service starts at $150 USD per location.

    Since we are natively integrating our API to your website, we need to make the new components to match your existing website. For this, there is a one-time integration cost. Depending on the services integrated and the complexity of the styles, the one-time integration cost falls between $3 - $5k.

  • Yes. We have integrations with Google and Outlook calendar, you can choose the time in which you accept tours, their length, buffer times, minimum notice times, and much more.

  • When prospects come to the operator's website, they can enter a team size which automatically gives them pricing and availability upfront. The moment a prospect books a tour with a team size, the lead automatically becomes a high-quality lead because they went through the process of selecting a team size, seeing pricing and availability from a couple of options, and booking a tour which means they are serious about the inquiry. Space operators love our product because of the context we are able to provide when a prospect books a tour such as team size selected, matched office options, desired move-in date, and much more.

  • By on-demand office space, we mean the ability for users to purchase day passes and reserve private offices by the hour, day, or more.

  • For private offices, yes. If a user is looking for a private office then they can select their start date and end date and we will show them private offices that match their criteria. For day passes, users are able to purchase day passes for one or multiple days.

  • Worksimply would handle payments and we use Stripe as the payment gateway.

  • Stripe charges 2.9% + $.30 per transaction, so we would transfer you:

    Total money transferred to you = (transacted payments) - (2.9% credit card fees) - ($.30 x number of bookings) - Monthly fee.

  • It would take up to 14 days for Stripe to transfer the funds to you after each booking.

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