• We are a platform that helps remote workers book working spots at restaurants, cafes, and beautiful offices - on demand! Just like Airbnb but for cool and cozy workspaces.

  • Booking a spot is absolutely free. However, all of our locations require a minimum spend of around $10. This guarantees you a spot to work, great Wi-Fi, outlets, and 2-3 hours of uninterrupted productive work.

  • If you have ever experienced any of the following pain points, Worksimply might be the right solution for you:

    1. Leaving your home without knowing if you will find a good spot to work.
    2. Going to a cafe or a restaurant not knowing if they will have good Wi-Fi. Lots of trial and error when checking out a new place.
    3. Not having outlets. Let’s face it, most cafes don’t want people to be staying for long periods of time. Even places like Starbucks remove the outlets so people don’t stay! Yikes!
    4. Not feeling welcomed. Have you ever caught a judgmental look from the barista when you are clocking in your third hour?
    5. Feeling like you are overstaying. Sometimes we feel bad for staying too long when getting work done but there’s just so much coffee and snacks that you have in a short period of time.

    All Worksimply bookings include:

    1. A good spot to work
    2. Good Wi-Fi
    3. Outlets
    4. 2 to 3 hours of productivity
    1. Download our app.
    2. Find the perfect space close to you and book your spot for free.
    3. Check-in and order through the app.
    4. Get some work done!
  • You absolutely can, however, there are always risks involved with trying new places or for the really busy ones not finding a good spot to work. With Worksimply you can:

    1. Secure a spot before you leave your home
    2. Get better or same pricing as if you order directly from the counter
    3. Gain rewards for each booking that turns into credits that work like cash
  • No, we only take a small percentage of the order from the cafe or restaurant but never from users.

  • We look for restaurants and cafes in popular neighbourhoods that have a homey feeling, unique design, good Wi-Fi, good beverages and snacks, and are equipped to provide a great customer experience to remote workers.

  • Absolutely, please send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do for you.
  • No, once you hit the minimum the tax will added on at checkout.

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