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The only marketplace that gives you cash back when finding your next office space.What’s the catch? There’s no catch. ⚾️

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How do I qualify for the cashback program?

  • You are not working with a broker.
  • You haven't submitted an inquiry through another platform.
  • You haven't submitted an inquiry directly to the co-working operator. We only get commissions if we are the first ones to register you as a lead.
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How does the cashback program work exactly?

If you find office space through us, you can get cashback in return. It is that simple. All you need to do is go to our website and do one of the following three things: book a tour, schedule a call, or request a tour. After your tour is done and you sign an agreement, the space operator will let us know, and we'll give you your cashback in roughly 35 days after occupancy.

What’s the catch? How do you just give money like that?

There's no catch! We collect a commission from space operators and we share that commission with you.

How do you calculate the cashback?

We calculate the cashback reward based on 5% of the total agreement revenue or half a month's rent whichever is lowest.

  • For a 6-months agreement:
    Let's say that you are getting an office for $2,500/month and you sign an agreement for 6 months.
    Then $2,500 * 6 = $15,000*.05 = $750. You would get $750 in cashback.
  • For a 12-months agreement:
    Let's say that you are getting an office for $2,500/month and you sign an agreement for 12 months.
    Then $2,500 * 12 = $30,000*.05 = $1,500. However, since the total price per month is $2,500, the maximum cashback reward you can get is $1,250, so you would get $1,250.

Do you only offer 1-time payouts? What happens if I stay in a space longer than the term signed?

Yes, we only offer 1-time payouts and we only give payouts based on the term of the agreement. Sorry!

When would I get the money?

You can expect a payout in about 35 days after occupancy, but we usually pay in less than that.

How do I get the money?

We send e-transfers to the email of your choice.

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